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Existing Agreement/Negotiations

February 2010

Just before the contract expired Feb. 14, Whatcom County and Lummi Nation entered into an interim month-to-month agreement to continue ferry service to Gooseberry Point. The monthly rental rate is $16,667.

Ferry rates remained the same, and the number of runs on two shifts remain the same until a new contract is secured.

The PLIC initiative is dedicated to insuring that the County and Lummi Nation will continue to negotiate and finalize the terms of a long-term lease for Gooseberry Point, and avoid any further stalemates.

June, 2010: Blog in Bellingham Herald by County Councilman Ken Mann

What with all of the political intrigue, controversy, and debate, choosing a blog topic is getting difficult. So, instead of being paralyzed with indecision, here is a brief summary of all the hot topics and their current status (in my mind):

1. Lummi Ferry – this is a huge topic for the folks who live on Lummi Island. I know there is a large amount of fear and confusion. Part of this anxiety stems from the lack of communication between the County leadership and the people of Lummi Island. This isn’t because we don’t want to inform you or because we are hiding bad news! These are sensitive negotiations and both sides (Lummi Nation and Whatcom County) are trying to be respectful. Nobody wants to see a negotiation take place in the newspapers. Or, even worse, the blogs! What I can tell you is that Whatcom County elected officials know and understand the strong desire of Lummi Islanders to retain the frequency of service and location they currently enjoy. We have heard that message loud and clear. I can also tell you that I have been extremely impressed by the negotiating group for Whatcom County – they have the best interests and the wishes of Lummi Island in mind. They are thoroughly researching the issues, working closely with our Lummi Nation counterparts, and diligently seeking an agreement that is a win-win for everybody.